how Adolescents Deal with and Adjust to Pandemic resTrictions

Welcome to our website for the ADAPT research study

What is this study about?

We are interested in finding out how teenagers are coping with and responding to the ongoing restrictions and changes in their lives?

What aspects do teenagers find most difficult?

How are our young people feeling at the present time?

What has helped young people to adjust to the current pandemic and the ongoing restrictions and changes to their lives?

We would like to invite teenagers from across Ireland to take part in our study (12-18 year olds).

In order to take part in this study, parental consent is necessary & the agreement of the young person is also a necessary requirement.

To find out about our study team, see our page: Meet the Study Team

Survey 1: Winter

November-April 2021


Our survey will focus on topics such as:



feelings & behaviours

supports available to teenagers

Survey 2

6 months later

The survey is repeated 6 months later to help us understand how young people are adapting over time.

Survey 3:

12 months later

1 year later our final survey will take place to help us understand the impact of societal changes over the coming 12 months.

If you are a parent our information sheet and consent form can be accessed at the link below. Following the completion of our consent form, a study link is sent to the email address of your teenage child.

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